[DEV] Unity Prototype

What did we prototype?

Using Unity, we prototyped the guard AI: it follows a set patrol route and can spot the player. Once it spots the player it will start following the player until it reaches it. Using the rock throw mechanic the player can distract the AI, once the rock hits the ground it will make a sound. If the AI hears this sound it will move over to investigate. The AI will also investigate the noise created by player movement if it hears it.

What did we learn?

In comparison to unreal, unity doesn't have a lot of AI support (or we didn't find it), which is another reason why we've opted to use unreal instead.

Feel free to try out the prototype yourself and provide us with feedback on how it feels

P1(Keyboard): Move (WASD), Sprint(LShift), Crouch(Ctrl), Throw Rock(Arrow keys)
P2(Controller): Move(Left Joystick), Sprint(Left Bumper), Crouch(Right Bumper), Throw Rock(Face Buttons)


Unity_Prototype.rar 16 MB
Mar 06, 2018

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