[DEV] Unreal Prototype

What did we prototype?

In Unreal we implemented as many mechanics and gameplay features as possible to get a feel for which engine we will choose to produce the game on.


AI player awareness: through using the PawnSensing of unreal the AI detects a player with a detection cone. Then it will pursue the player, when it catches the player. It will return to following his guarding path that was also implemented.

Carry mechanic: a player can pick up movable objects and drop them again.

Security camera: programmed a camera spotting the player pawns the same way as the AI recognized players with vision.


Coop multiplayer: Implemented coop couch gaming through assigned console controllers as input per player blueprint.

Shared local camera: the camera will zoom and update it's location to the center of all player to keep them in view.


Moving: left thumbstick

Jump: gamepad bottom button

Sprint: gamepad left thumbstick button

Pick up: gamepad right trigger

What did we learn?

Unreal's blueprint is easy to use and has good documentation, the artists already had classes in it so they can work on it together with us.

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