[DEV] Level prototypes

New levels are up!

Since we needed to know if our gameplay is actually FUN before we head into production we made a few different level blockouts.
Of course as it's only a prototype the art is kept to a minimum so we can focus on the gameplay.

By doing this we get to see what works well, what doesn't work as much and get a feel of what direction it is we are going in.
It also allowed us to test our mechanics a little better while getting more familiar with the workflow for creating levels.

At the same time we managed to become more familiar with any issues we might face in the future regarding packaging so it definitely paid off to have made multiple level iterations.

A more in-depth Devlog will be posted soon but in the meantime feel free to try out the new prototypes!

P.S. In case any players gets confused, the big yellow placeholder is the artefact you, the ninja, need to reach before getting out again unseen.
In UnrealPrototype03 it is locked behind a door that only opens after you gather all the keys.


UnrealPrototype02.rar 95 MB
Mar 12, 2018
UnrealPrototype03.rar 95 MB
Mar 12, 2018

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