[DEV] production dev update #1

Last week we got approved for production, first we took on the challenge of planning the first sprint with duration of 2 weeks. This went slower than expected and took more work than at first glance. As a team we had to sit together to plan it as well as possible, taking decisions together of what is most important to be implemented first. How much time we should spend on programming each mechanic and modeling the characters. Communications have improved between team members as now everyone has the same vision and sense of what the game will be like and what should be accomplished in the given time frames. 


Implemented basic movement and jumping

Implemented spline path animations

Figured out how to make a box and other meshes follow custom spline paths

Failed to implement npc following spline paths

As we thought to completely rewrite the AI guard following a spline path instead of following a point system, we had to spend time to research how to do it. Though it didn't work out as planned, we still learned a lot about it and will figure out a new way to make it work. It would be very beneficial to make a guard follow a path, both for ease of level design as well as the guard would follow a smooth, more natural path.


Runtime error fix: fixed not being able to access the player controller therefor not being able to control player


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Mar 21, 2018

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