[DEV] production dev update #2


Updated basic movement and controls

Players now move using the forward and right of camera, the movement will rotate with the camera now. This is so that the rotation of the camera can be changed whenever we want without it making movement feel unnatural.

Implemented guard AI following spline path

Went a complete different way to make the following of a spline path work, In stead of a timeline animation on the spline path, I now implemented it to follow the spline path through the move to location that's used by unreal to tell AI characters where to go. Every 0.5 seconds the target on the spline gets updated and the AI will go to this target position. The AI now stops following the spline path when it detects a player and goes back to patrolling when the player got caught by the AI. Not yet returning to the closest point on path near the player getting caught position. That's for a future iteration, so I put it on the backlog.

Implemented the guard AI to diverge from spline path to run after the player

Implemented the new spline path to work with the pawnsensing to follow the spotted player and going back when the player is caught. In working condition, but glitching hard. The guard AI gets confused when going back on the spline and wanders about. As well as following the guard is now with spinbotting.

Implemented guard AI detecting vision

Using the same thought and reasoning as the prototype, we used the pawnsensing to check if a player is in the vision of a guard AI. When a guard spots a player for a period 0.5 seconds, it will start the diverging of path code. 

Implemented guard AI detecting sound

The player can make a sound at his position, if this is in the sound radius of a guard, this guard will investigate the location the sound was made. Had some difficulties as the guard AI couldn't go to the location where the player made noise because the player affected the navigation mesh. But found a way to exclude the player blueprint from the navmesh update.

Implemented player being able to pick up movable objects

Based on the prototype code, I had no problem implementing the mechanic to pick up objects and carry them around. The code however is cleaner and more organized than the prototype version.


Fixed error that main map was a uasset file that the game engine couldn't access or find.


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Mar 28, 2018

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