[ART] Updated Art bible and Shaders

Hi everyone,

This week the art bible got a major overhaul and looks a lot more presentable. A lot of smaller aspects about the art style became more refined such as what our characters should look like (my fellow artist Benoit made some character designs which I'll let him show off in a next post), what visual style our RFX should be, how we handle colour etc.

Aside from that I went ahead and made some more shader tests. It's still a bit clunky but I managed to make a material that lets the character blend with shadows when inside the dark.

There were some issues with perforce and the .psd file of our art bible lost its most recent version but luckily only after the finished pdf was made. Valuable source control lessons were learnt.

I made some simple props to test how gradients work in the shader and how it handles different colours.


Unity_Prototype.rar 16 MB
Mar 06, 2018
Art_Bible.pdf 19 MB
Mar 07, 2018

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